Level 3 : Disability Confident Employer

You have signed up for Disability Confident U.S.A agreed to the commitments and activities and completed stage 1 Empowered Great!
You have completed the business / organization basic assessment at stage 2 Committed Great!
You have moved to level 3 DISABILITY CONFIDENT U.S.A. EMPLOYER: At this stage you have two themes to pick from before you can move forward to DISABILITY CONFIDENT U.S.A. LEADER.

  1. Theme: Getting the right people for your business.
  2. Theme: Keeping and developing your people with disabilities to move up within the company.
  3. Having confirmed you’ve completed your online self-assessment, you’ll be registered as a Disability Confident Employer for 1 year. You’ll receive.
  4. A certificate in recognition of your achievement.
  5. A badge for your website and other materials for one year.